Painting Solutions for Residential and Commercial Houses

Ever Build Australia Pty Ltd has been providing the extensive interior and exterior painting services in Gledswood Hills, Sydney Newcastle and Canberra. We offer everything from high-end residential painting to commercial and industrial coatings, specialty finishes and so on. Apart from exterior and interior house painting, you will have Repainting, Texture Painting, Leakage Shower Repair, and Epoxy Painting services.

Residential Painting and Repainting

Residential Painting and Repainting

Do you have the urgent demand for the painting of a newly built home? Our expert painters paint the dream colour on walls whatever you like. We have an excellent colour-blender machine that creates the colour of your imagination. Our experts suggest some matching colours with the walls, doors and window channels. We also have the option to apply HD colour on the walls of your dream home. Apart from house interior design, we work on epoxy floor painting. If the painting has gone outworn and fade, you have to choose us for repainting.

Commercial paintings

Commercial Paintings

Commercial painting demands some different treatments on walls, ceiling and flooring. According to the business colour code, you can paint walls with HD glow. You can get the fine finish of epoxy paints for smoother, shiny and gorgeous, damp-free floors.

Exclusive Texture paints

Exclusive Texture Paints

Texture pains are highly appraised now for its design, art and glowing colours. Our texture painters are experienced, and they successfully completed hundreds of projects winning the clients’ satisfaction. For homes and commercial houses or offices, textured concrete paint is highly appreciated. It does not extend to say; almost all house owners want to decorate their walls with texture paintings. Do you have an old house with outdated paints? Call our experts for textured painting today!

Epoxy Painting services

Epoxy Painting Services

Looking for a little bit creative flooding and colouring? Epoxy paint is surely an excellent choice for the purpose. For covering with fine shiny finish of the basement, garage, and patio floors, epoxy concrete flooring will be the modern choice. Epoxy resin is treated systematically to make it tough and solvent resistant. So, apart from the design aspect, we use it as sealing material to your concrete floors. An epoxy floor is well appraised to the modern bathrooms as well.

Repair Leakage Shower

Repair Leakage Shower

Apart from painting services, Ever Build Pty Ltd, the best painting contractors in Gledswood Hills, has dedicated service experts on repairing shower leakage. Whatever issues you face about the shower, our technicians will solve them. Create a gorgeous bathroom shiny with colour, flooring with epoxy paints, and modern in look exclusively from us. Call our experts now!

What are you waiting for? Call us now for painting or repainting of your walls! We attend urgent calls as well. We never miss a timeline!